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Submission Policy

Classification results will be evaluated automatically and made visible only to you. You will be able to make them public at any time.

Important: The evaluation server is not to be used for training. To discourage this, you will have to wait 72 hours (3 days) before you can re-submit your results. If you want to present results of your method with various settings (e.g. different features, inference method, etc.), please use the training set for this purpose and submit only one result to the test server!

File Format

Please submit your results as a single .zip file. The results for each point cloud must be stored in a separate .txt file in the archive's root folder. The file name must be exactly like the point cloud name (case sensitive).

The file format should be the same as the ground truth file, which is an text-file containing one class label per line. Each line must contain exactly 1 value and corresponds to the point in the same line of the .pts point cloud file:


We provide both per class intersection union and the full confusion matrix. The former one is used for official ranking while the latter one can be used to compute your own metrics. Here is an example:



Archive Structure

The content of the .zip archive should contain